With a focus on versatile, sustainable, and affordable solutions to challenges in technology, medicine, diagnostics, and personalized health, the Laboratory for Living Devices aims to spark a revolution centered around engineered materials derived from nature.

The Lab for Living Devices is pioneering naturally-derived materials with unusual properties to drive scientific discovery, sustainable manufacturing, and translation. A founding team of scientists approaches the challenge from distinct perspectives, generating an an evolving portfolio, which includes four inaugural projects with global relevance:

Fighting Antimicrobial Resistance

The global explosion in multiple drug-resistant bacterial pathogens is driving an urgent search for therapies that target the causes of treatment failure.

Precision Health

Emerging knowledge about the interaction of the genome and diet for effective disease prevention and therapy points to a need for personalized interventions.

Blood Diagnostics for Global Healthcare

Rapid and inexpensive blood diagnostic tools that are easy to use at the point-of-care or provide sample stability for transport.

Living Technology

Embedding naturally-derived materials in high-tech devices offers unprecedented opportunity to integrate biology and technology.